Too Much Technology for Kids Can Cause a Serious Addiction

I read a post titled, “Toddlers Becoming So Addicted to iPads They Require Therapy” earlier and it really made me stop and think WHAT?!!! I cannot believe that some kids’ attachment to their gadgets is bad enough to need therapy. Reading further about this matter made me understand that this problem is indeed real and that therapy for gadget addiction is not just some overblown solution to a small problem. As one doctor says in the study, “This condition (addiction to gadgets) could seriously interfere with a child’s ability to form normal social relationships, so that something as natural as human interaction could become exhausting for him or her.”

Although I believe that gadgets can help enhance learning for our children, overexposing them to these things can cause serious damage in their health and development. To see to it that we get the positive benefits of technology and not its bad side, we should see to it its use is covered by clear rules and restrictions, monitor how our children are making use of the gadgets that we are giving them as well as keep track of the time they spend with it.

Most importantly, we should talk to our children and make them understand about the bad effects of improper and/or excessive use of gadgets .