Making the Transition To Parenthood

Making the transition to parenthood is one of the biggest life changes a couple will ever experience. While it is absolutely and undeniably wonderful, becoming a parent will require couples to go through a major process of adjustment–whether you are having a child for the first time, second time or any other time. Needless to say, the first time is the hardest. Sometimes, this rough patch can lead to serious rifts and problems in marital relationships.

If you are in this phase right now, let me share with you some ideas to help you better enjoy the meaningful experience that is making the transition to parenthood.

  • Before your new baby comes out, spend time talking with your partner and identify the things you most appreciate about your relationship and your fears for the upcoming change in your lives.
  • Also discuss the principles, beliefs, values and style that you will hold and have as parents.
  • When you finally have your baby, regularly talk to your partner about the aspects of parenting that your are finding most unexpected and difficult.

I found a post that has some great tips and information for mothers who are making the transition: “The Transition to New Motherhood.”