Trying To Understand Eternity

Have you tried understanding the concept of eternity? It’s kind of hard isn’t it? I have tried a few times to wrap my mind around the concept of eternity or living forever with the Lord. I can never seem to put together a solid picture. Today, I found the answer to why I am finding it so hard to understand the promised life eternal of the Lord. Trying to understand eternity is not possible for humans to do.

In a blog post titled, “Describing The Internet To An Ant,” the author said that us trying to imagine and comprehend what eternity would be like is the same as an ant trying to understand the concept of the internet. No matter how hard a tiny ant tries to use whatever thinking faculties it has, it will never really understand the complexity of the internet or even simply understand how it works. Just like us, no matter how much we try, we will never be able to fully comprehend the eternity.

So the next time you think about life eternal and find yourself faced with more questions than answers, remember the ant that’s trying to understand the internet. I thought this was a perfect comparison to trying to understand eternity.