Unexpected Lessons We Get From Our Children

All parents are well aware that we are our children’s teachers and role models. We try to inculcate in our children’s minds and hearts the right values, teach them how to discern right from wrong as well as in inspire them to live a life that is centered in Christ. In short we are responsible for the character formation of our kids, but is the lesson giving and lesson learning meant to only be a one-way street? Certainly not!

A post titled, My Kids Keep Teaching Me How to Pray made me see that parents too can learn valuable lessons from our children. We need to take the time to listen and be in the moment when we are actually with them. Of course, we should do our best in teaching our children the right things so that they will grow up to become happy, good-hearted, and faithful individuals. However, we must not allow ourselves to get so wrapped up in all of our parenting roles and responsibilities. Missing out on great opportunities to become better individuals through our children is something parents should try to avoid.