Vatican Funding Latin American Projects

“The Populorum Progressio Foundation’s administrative council has voted to distribute nearly $2.1 million to 186 projects in 20 Latin American nations. Funding for these projects comes from the Italian bishops’ conference. Founded by Venerable John Paul II in 1992 and headed by Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, the foundation assists impoverished communities in Latin America.

In addition, the foundation approved funding for ten projects in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The funds for these projects come from donations from the faithful.” – “Vatican Foundation for Latin America to Fund Nearly 200 Projects”, EWTN

This post from was cool to read about. $2.1 million dollars!? That’s a lot of money right there, and I am glad to see it going to somewhere that people could really use the help. I like that 186 different projects will be helped by this money and not just a handful. The projects being helped are also widely spread out through all of Latin America, which again is another great thing to see. I love finding stories like this that remind me that people still have some good inside of them. I tend to forget with all the bad news I hear every day.