Vatican Will be Opening Library Once Again

“After being closed for three years for restructuring and restoration, the Apostolic Vatican Library will reopen on September 20. The renewed facilities will provide easier access to the wealth of information it houses.

The announcement of the reopening originally came from the prefect of the Vatican library, Msgr. Cesare Pasini, last December, but through the Vatican Radio airwaves on Sunday, he refreshed the anticipation for the occasion.

He explained in an interview that having the library closed for the last three years has permitted “so many works” to be carried out which will shortly be available for the benefit of scholars. It will be easier to move in the library, he said, and access to the contents of the library will be made easier through “more refined computerized services.”

The Vatican library maintains more than one million printed books, over 150,000 manuscript volumes, hundreds of thousands of coins and medals, and around 70,000 prints and engravings.” – “Apostolic Vatican Library to Reopen this Fall”, Catholic News Agency

This post over on Catholic News Agency was pretty cool to read about. It looks like closing the library for a few years will pay off in the long run. It will be more organized, more complete, and overall just better by the sounds of this article. Seems like everything is becoming more technologically inclined these days, even the Vatican and old Church documents that are from ages ago. The fact that the majority of these sources will be electronic now is amazing and will without a doubt be of much use.