We Can Find All We Need in Jesus

In this world many people go through life searching for something that will “complete” them–something that will fill the empty void that they feel within. For instance, single men and women look for life partners to complete them, couples desire children to complete the family, and once a family is there Mom and Dad wish for their own home and car–then a bigger home, then a nicer car and so on. It’s as if there’s always something missing–that life is never really¬†complete no matter what they do.

The feeling of emptiness is natural to humans. Having been desecrated by sin, we all feel that we lack something. However, the sad thing is that not all of us are able to figure out what it is that we are lacking. Many go in the wrong direction to fill the void in their lives–going after material possessions and fleeting success when in fact, we only need one thing–a close and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

We can find all we need in Jesus. He knows us more than anyone else and understands the emptiness within us. It is by surrendering fully to him that we can expect to receive the peace and fulfillment that we so desire.

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