“What can I bring?” Suggestions for the Thanksgiving dinner guest

Really?  More green bean casserole?!  While food is of course a major component of Thanksgiving, mycatholicblog would like to suggest two alternative offerings that the Thanksgiving dinner guest can bring to the big event:

1. The Perfect Prayer. With all that delicious food on the table, it becomes incredibly difficult to sit through a long-winded prayer without diving across the table into the mashed potatoes.  Therefore, mycatholicblog recommends a prayer that adequately acknowledges all of life’s blessings, but will still be finished before the turkey goes cold.  There are tons of prayer suggestions online, and we particularly like this one:

Jesus, thank you for loving us;
And providing food, shelter, and each other.
Every moment of our lives is a gift;
And we appreciate all the time You have given us.
Thank you for all our good fortune.
(website found here)

Short and sweet, now let’s eat!

2. A gift for the host. Preparing a feast is hard work! It’s time-consuming, expensive, and that oven gets mighty hot! The host is most likely happy to do all the work in exchange for being surrounded by loved ones.  Still, a small thank you would be nice.  And a small thank you in the form of a gift would be especially nice!  How about a rosary and a prayer card? Or a lovely piece of jewelry, perhaps a necklace?  Best of all, gifts ordered online come straight to your door, and almost always have overnight or expedited shipping options.  Giving the host a gift is really just a way to make a memorable day even more special.

Happy Thanksgiving?  Awesome Thanksgiving.


  1. P. McCormick says:

    Thank you 4 for the great article. every year we bring the centerpiece but i always think ‘what a waste’–it gets thrown out after a week, and we just remove it once the food gets brought out anyway. i think my sister would love a present instead.


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