What God Won’t Do

A post titled, “What God Can And Cannot Do,” caught my eye today. My favorite part of the article is when the author made a simple yet profound comparison of God’s power with that of Aslan (the lion king from C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series). Based on a portion of the story, the author had these words, “No matter how hard Aslan tried, no matter the great miracles he performed, or even how much he desired in his heart that the dwarfs be set free, he could not give them that freedom because they refused his help.” This is a nice comparison to what God won’t do for us if we refuse his love.

It is clear in the Bible what Jesus said, “For with God, nothing is impossible. (Luke 1:37)” There are certain things that God won’t do, not because he is unable to, but because he loves us so much. He cannot make us feel things we don’t want to feel or do things we don’t want to do–in short God will not force us into anything that is against our free will. He will not do anything that will diminish the precious gift that he has given all of us–the gift of choice. Of course, what God won’t do depends on our own actions and feelings towards his love.