What It Takes To Be A Mother

I saw a very uplifting quote today, from a post called, “Motherhood Matters,” and I just couldn’t resist sharing it. It says:

Motherhood takes…

the wisdom of Solomon,

the strength of Samson,

the patience of Job,

the faith of Abraham,

the insight of Daniel,

and the courage of David.

–William Ross Wallace

Indeed, being a mother requires a lot of things. Motherhood gives us responsibilities that we have to fulfill 24/7, puts us in constant motion,puts us through a great deal of stress, and makes us vulnerable. Sadly the efforts of mothers are often left unappreciated. Our desires as mothers are not really affirmations or compliments, but to be able to see our children grow to be faith-filled, respectful, and happy individuals.

I pray that the Lord will continue to sustain me in my efforts to raise my children the right way. I acknowledge that without the guidance and help of the Lord, I will not be able to have everything that I need to be a good and effective mother.