What to Do When a Child Swears

Parents and children sometimes argue about things. Okay, parents and children kind of argue about a lot of things. That’s the nature of the relationship, sometimes you disagree and sometimes you agree. You’ll always love each other though. A lot of parents want to know what to do when a child swears or uses a bad word.  Do you question where did I go wrong or think have I been a bad parent?

Not so fast! The truth is there are a lot of factors that contribute to how your child grows to become an adult in this world. Friends, the media, magazines, video games, sports, coaches, and many other things all affect how your child grows and learns. Having limits on what type of language you allow in your house is a smart move though. Just because your child swears doesn’t mean you have failed as parent. Stay consistent with your rules and stick with it.

For more ideas about what to do when a child swears check out an interesting post I read at Parenting Problem: How to Handle a Child’s Hateful and Disrespectful Speech. Some of the author’s main points included:

  • Build a foundation
  • Maintain consistency
  • Give it time
  • Use clarity
  • Stay calm

These are all techniques that can help you discipline to your child for their poor choice of language. The bottom line is you should build a firm foundation and be consistent.