What To Do When Your Child Gets Bad Grades In School

This morning I stumbled into this interesting post titled, “In the Words of a Non-Parent.” What made it interesting is that it was a parenting advice from someone who has never been a parent. Oddly enough, I found the ideas in the post quite sensible and helpful. One of the key points I took away from the post was how parents should react and deal with our children when they come home with bad grades.

In a few years time, my eldest son will be going into grade school, so this subject is quite significant to me. I am praying that my children will do great when they get to formal schooling, and while I trust that they will I want to be prepared for the worst (just like any parent I suppose). I want to know what I should when I see my child struggling and getting bad grades in school. Most parents punish their children whenever they see a bad mark, but I do not want to do that. I just don’t think that would help.

Have you ever dealt with a child who received bad grades school? What did you do to help him/her do better? Please share your thoughts with me.