Which Bad Habits Have You Given Up For Your Kids?

I believe that every human here on earth has a bad habit. Regardless of how minor or grave our “bad habits” are, they are not easy to break. The difficulty of breaking loose from a negative habit has been proven by hundreds of studies over the years.¬†However, knowing the fact that children pick up a great deal of their attitudes and behavior from their parents, we have this extra strong drive to change for the better. Which bad habits have you given up for your kids?

One of the hardest habits I had to give up for my children is my love for sweets and fast food. While eating these foods make me feel satisfied, I realized that they endanger not only my health but also that of my kids. I do not want them to grow up and have the same love for these unhealthy foods and suffer from serious health problems later on.

I take being a positive role model for my children very seriously, and try my very best at it. Which bad habits have you given up for your kids?

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