Why You Should Take Your Kids to the Library

I read a post today about a study that says that, “Most Parents Still Think Libraries Are Important For Kids.” Honestly, I don’t want to think about a time when parents think otherwise. I want to believe that parents will always appreciate how important it is to take your kids to the library.

I know that technology is changing the way we are living, but I certainly do not think that parents should allow the wonderful gift of reading to fall by the wayside and let computers, iPads and smartphones take center stage. These smart gadgets may be helpful in some ways, but I do not think they are still as important as books. Even Dr. Phil believes that, “taking our kids to the library at least once a week can help in the development of their mental abilities.”

Furthermore, I sincerely cannot see any reason why you would not want to take your kids to the library. It’s an inexpensive way to bond with our children while giving them the opportunity to learn.

What do you think about libraries for your kids? And how often do you take them there?