Yelling: An Inescapable Parenting Dilemma?

Every parent must have been in a situation that has prompted them to yell at their kids. I know I have. While I believe we all know that yelling isn’t good for us and our children, I understand that there are just times when the stress, exhaustion and frustration overpowers our want to remain a calm and collected parent all the time.

As I always say in this blog, no parent is perfect. However, it is important that we constantly evaluate ourselves and our actions as they largely influence the kind of people our children will become in the future. A lot of studies point out that constantly yelling at children will lead to them having problems such as impulsiveness, anger, and temperament issues,  lack of patience, lack of self control and poor self image.

Most of the time, the key to resolving problems is discovering what may be causing them. I believe that holds true with the parenting dilemma of yelling. You may get some help reading this honest post entitled, “I Think I Know Why You’re Yelling.”