Young Catholics Joining Minor Seminaries

“The Spanish daily La Razon reported this week that more than 1,300 teens between the ages of 12 and 18 are currently pursing a call to the priesthood by studying at the 53 diocesan minor seminaries that exist in the country.

An article written by Alex Navajas revealed that while “some kids at that age dream about being soccer players, business leaders, doctors or bullfighters,” others, “as soon as they enter adolescence, want to become priests.”

Bishop Demetrio Fernandez of Cordoba also discovered his vocation at an early age and attended minor seminary.  “I wanted to be a priest since I was seven,” he said.  “I was an altar boy and I told my pastor, who was a key part of my vocation.”  He said the years at minor seminary “were the happiest of my life.  I only have positive things to say about minor seminaries,” Bishop Fernandez added.

Bishop Fernandez is one among many Spanish bishops who attended minor seminary, including the Archbishop of Toledo and the Bishop of Jaen.  According to Antonio Prieto, the rector of the minor seminary of Cordoba, “more than 60 percent of the clergy of our diocese has passed through these halls.”” – “More Than 1300 Teens Studying in Minor Seminaries in Spain”, Catholic News Agency

This was a wonderful story to see because I had no idea that kids so young could join a religiously inclined school that shows them what it would be like to join a real seminary. From the sounds of it, these schools also are doing a great job. Kids who attend these schools seem like they are turning out to like the profession a lot. This is a great thing to see happening for the Catholic Church because we could really use more priests right now. This school is preparing more and more young Catholics to become leaders of different parishes. Hopefully these schools keep growing in size, and more young Catholics decide that they would like to lead religious lives.