A Drink of Living Water: Quench Your Spiritual Thirst

In the Pope’s message yesterday, he called Christians all over the world to drink the water that is capable of quenching the deepest desires of the human heart–Jesus’ living water, the Holy Spirit. He likened us to “travelers who are crossing the deserts of life thirsty for gushing and fresh living water–water that will quench our deep desire for light, love, beauty and peace.” The Holy Spirit is the only way to quench your spiritual thirst.

No matter how much we drink of other “earthly waters” to quench our thirst for happiness, we will never be truly satisfied. It is only the Holy Spirit that can quench the spiritual thirst the human heart has for goodness and truth. Like the Samaritan woman whom Jesus first offered living water, all that we have to do is accept this precious gift that Jesus is offering–be willing to drink the living water.

Letting the Holy Spirit dwell in us will bring about a great change in our lives–change that will prepare us for heaven.

If you want to read the Pope’s message, you can do so here: “God’s Living Water Satisfies Deepest Desires.”