A Man After God’s Own Heart

A blog post I read today titled, Ladies, No Man Will Ever Want You As Badly As Jesus Does, reminded me of one quote I read some time ago that said: “The man who loves God is a man who truly knows what love is.”

Choosing a husband is one of the most important things that women does in her life. Choosing the person who you will spend your entire life with is no joke. While there is no shortage of advice on how to find a good man who will make you happy, little emphasis is given to the spiritual aspect of finding a lifetime partner. Finding a man after God’s own heart is not a simple task.

Women need to focus on finding a man after God’s own heart–a man who constantly seeks God and reflects his character. A man that has a strong devotion to the Lord is the kind of man who will have a strong devotion to his family. Having established a wonderful relationship with God, these kind of men won’t have any problems building a wonderful marriage.

If you are a Christian woman looking for a man to be with, do not settle for anything less than what God has prepared for you. Remember that God in his time will bring the right man into your life. Have faith.