A Problem Faced By Many Catholic Parents

So I was over on The Catholic Answers Forum today, and I saw this posting left by a mother who is having a lot of trouble bringing her kids to Mass. I have seen many others struggling with their children acting up at Mass and this is a prime example.

“I really need a lot of prayers with this. I really struggle with being at mass with my kids(especially the youngest two ages 1 and 2). In fact many days I just dread it. We last maybe 15 minutes in the pews before one of them wants to walk/crawl around or starts to get loud. I’m usually the only one who tries at all to keep the little ones quiet. We already have to separate the older two to keep them from goofing around. They in turn try to play with the babies and just make matters worse. We’ve tried sitting in the front, but that is always disastrous and I end up walking out anyway with both babies in front of the whole congregation.” – “I Dread Going to Mass Because of My Kids”

As you could probably expect, this is quite a common issue in the Catholic Church. As much as parents or guardians may not like to admit it, a church is not a very sensible place to bring children. However, it is something that does need to be done because you still need to attend Mass on a regular basis. Getting children acquainted with Mass early in life isn’t a bad thing either. With very young children such as the ones discussed above, it can be troublesome to find ways to keep them from causing disturbances during Mass. However, once children are older than one or two years old, you should be able to communicate a way to keep them from acting up during Mass. If you teach them that poor behavior during Mass has repercussions, while good behavior brings rewards it might lead to positive results to you and your family.