Appreciating Your Spouse’s Sacrifices

Our family is what many may call a traditional family–a working husband, a stay-at-home wife, and two lovely kids. While my husband has always appreciated all my efforts and sacrifices as a housewife, I have come across a few blog posts online about the stay-at-home spouse being undermined and a few of these articles have really stirred some strong emotions in me.

I mean how could anyone say that the stay-at-home partner’s role in the family is less valuable than that of the “working” partner? Just because someone brings in the money does not mean that he/she is working harder than that of the home-based spouse.

Staying at home and running the house is not a joke! In the same way that making a living and working out of the home is not easy too. So I find no reason for anyone to disrespect and devalue anyone’s role in the family. As one Dad says it in his blog post, “I am Special, and so are you…


  1. Being a SAHM is not easy! For a relatively short time I was a SAHM and I have to say I felt appreciated which was awesome. They problem for me was my own insecurities after so many years of working. Now I work from home part time but I think it is hard and my husband and I have to share some home and family responsibilities.

    • Ann thanks for sharing your experience as a SAHM. That is great that you felt appreciate in your stint as a SAHM. Sounds like you and your husband sharing the responsibilities is a great way to handle your situation.