Are You Doing A Yearly Honeymoon?

A blog entry titled, Honeymooning Every Year — Why It’s So Important from Sheree of Black and Married With Kids prompted me to take a look at my married life. It also lead me to seriously consider having a yearly honeymoon with the man I married!

Although my husband and I make it a point to go on a date (without the kids) at least twice in a month and spend time every night talking with each other after the kids are in bed; I believe that adding a yearly honeymoon to our list of “just us” activities will even strengthen our marriage.

In our busy role as mothers, we must never forget that we are wives too. Our husbands need us to spend time with them too. It is alright that we let our children get the bulk of our attention, but we must always find time for our husbands. When we spend quality time with our spouse, we are bound to keep our married life strong and meet the ongoing demands of our children with a smile on our face.