Encourage Stray Catholics to Come to Mass

I came across this article earlier today: “Invite Catholics back to Mass,’ Bishop urges Faithful.” Found in the beginning of the article were these statements: “Bishop Kieran Conry of Arundel and Brighton said that only one in five baptized Catholics attend church every Sunday. The other four have somehow lost contact with the Church.”

I am aware that there are Catholics who are no longer attend Church every Sunday, but I never imagined there would be so many (4 out 5 baptized members???).  This is just so sad for me to hear, and I know you feel the same way too. It’s just awful that people have found the Lord and his Church , but still made the choice to leave. Encourage stray Catholics to come to Mass. They once knew of God’s goodness, and just need a little help remembering it.

If you are a constant visitor of this blog, you must have read one of my posts encouraging Evangelization–sharing the good news of salvation to others who have not heard about it yet. Today I realized that aside from witnessing to those who haven’t received the Gospel yet, we also have a mission to help bring those who have “wandered” back into the fold of God.

Take the chance today to encourage a family member, a neighbor, or a friend to go back to Church. Studies show that 41% of those who have stopped attending Mass would return to the local church if a friend or acquaintance invited them. Be an instrument of God today and encourage stray Catholics to come to Mass.