Encourage Your Child to Be an Individual

I was recently reminded of how mean children can be by a post on Perspective Parenting. The post “Why are Kids So Mean at Times?” made me remember how important it is to prepare kids for the cruelty of others. The author of the post talked about watching a little girl on the playground exclude another child because she wasn’t wearing Sketchers. This astonished her and I have to say when I read it I too was shocked, but the more I thought into it, the more realistic it seemed.

The basic idea that I took away from reading this terrific post was that kids are mean to each other, kind of how adults are too. Preparing your child for situations like the one described in the post is key. You can do this by making your child feel comfortable with who they are. Let them express themselves how they want to, without a worry of being different or being ridiculed for being different (like not wearing Sketchers).