Facing Parenting Struggles With Optimism

I read an article titled “Life is Fluid” from Parenting Philosophy today. The article was full of beautiful insights that every struggling mother can probably relate to. While I enjoyed reading every bit of the post, I was especially moved by the author’s closing words. The point was that facing parenting struggles with optimism is something parents need to do. Let me share the beautiful words with you:

I see the path of my parenting journey has not always been right, or straight forward. It is littered with mistakes but covered with love and effort.  With my new glasses I see the complexity and simplicity of grace, of mercy and peace. Instead of looking at my children and thinking this is the right way I feel there are some ways, let’s see what works. Time changes perspective, priorities and I see the brilliance of colours, of options, chances and changes instead of black and white. The young mom who struggles to keep her cool with her toddlers in tow meets my eyes in a line somewhere I want to reach out my hand and touch her gently on the arm and tell her I can see her effort, she is doing a good job and everything is going to be okay.

I hope these words give you as much lesson and inspiration as it did to me. Facing parenting struggles with optimism may not always be easy, but keep an open mind. You will see that the positivity will bring good changes to your life.