Give Your Child Your Undivided Attention During Playtime

A post called, My “Twelve Commandments” of Happy Parenting caught my attention this morning. I found the second commandment especially interesting. It read: “Never give a child your divided attention once you’re playing with them, unless it’s an emergency. That doesn’t mean you should give them your attention all the time. Far from it.”

I totally agree with this statement. In fact if I would be making my own parenting commandments, I would definitely have this on my list as well. I have always thought that children deserve nothing less than the full attention of their parents when they are with them. A lot of parents in today’s age prize productivity so much that they have come to believe that it is more beneficial to pair up playtime with their kids with some type of work-related activity.

I have seen a lot of parents in the park pushing their kids on the swing with one hand while the other hand is holding up the phone to their ear. I understand that things can get really busy for working parents; however, treating children this way is bound to have some negative repercussions in the long run. I believe it isn’t hard to see that when we do not pay attention to our children when we are with them, we are giving them the impression that they are not important to us. And although that may seem petty at a glance, this does a lot of damage to their self worth.