God’s Loving and Gentle Correction

I’d like to share with you a very beautiful and inspiring line I read from article on Catholic.org titled, “Receiving the Eucharist: I Have Decided to Kneel For Jesus.” It has to do with God’s loving and gentle correction, and how it makes the author feel.

It never ceases to amaze me how patient and gentle God is with me. The perfect Father, He knows just how and when to reach me. Never impetuous, like me, He redirects and corrects a little here and a bit there as the gardener who sets out to straighten a bent tree.

A lot of people think that God uses physical, emotional, or financial trials and adversities to correct his children. I beg to differ though. I don’t think that our loving Heavenly Father could afford to send us sickness and disease, trials and tribulations just to teach us a lesson–to correct us when we go astray. Instead of chastising us with hard blows to make us realize our wrongs, I believe that God lets us see the direction that we are heading, illuminate the dangers in front of us and gently guide us back to the right course. God’s loving and gentle correction is Him showing us the path to salvation.