How Do You Treat Your Child’s Teacher?

I read a post this morning that I think is worth sharing with all of you–“How to Treat a Teacher Right.” Although none of my kids are in school yet, my eldest will be entering formal education soon so I am kind of into these sort of things now. When my eldest goes to school, I want to be as helpful as I can be–not only to him but also to everyone who is involved in his care and education.

Being a mother, I know how difficult it is to be around kids–supervise them, teach them etc. So I could imagine how tough a teacher’s job is–being supervisor to a handful of children. How do you treat your child’s teacher? I have a few friends who are not in the best terms with their children’s teacher and I do not see anything positive coming from such rifts. So I would want to prepare myself so I could better understand my kid’s future teacher and have the best relationship with him/her.

So how do you treat your child’s teacher? How do you maintain a positive relationship with him/her?


  1. What a great post, Janet! I think it’s sad that a lot of parents don’t appreciate the challenges teachers face.

    I know what a challenge my son is, so I make sure to keep communications with his teacher open and work on the concerns she expresses, after all we’re both after the same goal. Helping our childen become healthy, well adjusted kids.

    I send her emails thanking her and appropriate gifts (with my son’s special touch) to show our appreciation.

    • Glad that you agree Elke! That is great you keep communication so open with your son’s teacher. I am sure she appreciates you taking a real interest in reaching the ultimate goal of raising a healthy and well adjusted kid. Even the shortest email or note from a parent can really make a teacher feel great. Thanks for your comment!