Learning to Forgive Others and Yourself

I read a very inspiring post today about forgiveness and its importance to many aspects of life. The post was featured on a site called Rediscovering Catholicism and is titled, “Forgiving Yourself and Others”. The author starts off by talking of how we must forgive others as God forgives us. This means fully and entirely without holding any grudges or dwelling on what happened. This is difficult to do and a struggle in itself, however it is not where forgiveness ends. We must be able to forgive ourselves for what we have done wrong. This might sound silly, but a lot of people have a hard time letting go and moving on when they have done wrong.

Nobody is a lost cause because God is always willing to forgive your sins. It might be hard to forgive a friend, family member, or yourself for wrongs you have done in your life. This is something we must all learn to accomplish though. Mistakes will be made along the way, but that is not a problem. God will always forgive you.