What It Means To Tell Your Child The Truth

A post from Pint-sized Treasures got me thinking. The blog post talks about honesty and how far does honesty go especially when concerning your child. As a parent it is your responsibility to hone your child’s skills as well as correct negative traits and values. One of the things that a lot of children normally gets away is are little lies. Most parents would not mind their children lying as long as they are not harmful or just little white lies. But lying can become habitual. If you let your child get away with those little white lies, is there a tendency for your child to become a chronic liar when they become an adult?

Adults and parents too are not exempted from this crime, often, we lie about little things to our children. As quoted from the blog post:

“You better be good or I am going to call 1-800-North Pole and tell Santa you need to be put on the bad list!
Take the medicine, it tastes like candy!
The shot won’t hurt sweetie, just close your eyes and hold my hand.
Tell Uncle Ben I’m not here. I don’t feel like talking.
If you cross your eyes, they will get stuck.
If you don’t come here now, i will leave you by yourself.
Babies come from large birds that fly around and drop them down to their special homes.”

Personally, I am guilty of these white lies. But I do not want to take away the magic that made my own childhood more fun. Now I am torn in between. To tell the truth and take away the fun or to lie a little and risk my child distrusting me or worse, that my child imitate my little white lies int he future.