New Film Causing Conversions

This story on Catholic News Agency seemed pretty cool to me. This film has actually been attributed to people converting to Catholicism. If this is really the truth than it should be shown to as many people as possible. It must be a very powerful, inspiring movie and I will certainly be viewing it at the very least. I suggest you do the same.

“The director of “The Last Summit,” the documentary about the life of the Spanish priest and mountaineer, Fr. Pablo Dominguez, gave an interview to CNA’s sister news agency, ACI Prensa, in which he reflected on the reasons for the success of his movie. He confirmed that negotiations are under way for the film to be screened in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.

For Cotelo, the overwhelming response of the film’s numerous viewers –many of whom are reporting how the movie caused them to have a conversion- “owes itself to the magnetism God has on any person.”

“If Fr. Pablo’s story is attractive,” the filmmaker said, “it’s because the love of his life also is. The protagonist in Fr. Pablo’s story, and of the movie, is God. Among all the famous actors and actresses in the world, there isn’t a protagonist more attractive and attracting than God.”” – ” Director of Hit Movie on Spanish Priest Says Film is Causing Conversions” – Catholic News Agency


  1. Good suggestion! I think I may just have to check this movie out since you speak so highly of it. God bless!