November Christmas

Did anyone catch the new “Hallmark Hall of Fame” holiday movie, “November Christmas”?  The television movie stars John Corbett, Sarah Paulson and Sam Elliot.

Taking place in Rhode Island, the story tells of Corbett’s and Paulson’s 8 year old daughter Vanessa and her struggles with cancer.  Though Vanessa’s parents remain optimistic, they decide to push the holidays forward so that Vanessa may enjoy them while still healthy enough.

And of course (as this is a Hallmark holiday movie), the entire community participates.

NYdailynews describes the film as such:

You might say it’s about the domino effect of inspiration, or about the inherent good in human hearts, or you might say it’s just a sentimental Christmas story.

Whatever you call it, keep a couple of Kleenex handy.

“November Christmas”  has also been described in other early reviews as “critic-proof,” and CBS is sure to repay it several times during this holiday season.   We can’t wait to see it!