Open Your Heart

I want to share a story about learning to open your heart, and a special message given to me.
On a Saturday afternoon back in the 1990’s, I went to confession at my church.

In the Confessional, the Monsignor said something to me which really struck a chord: “you need to open your heart to God. You need to let God into your life.” He paused and said, “Remember, open your heart.”

No one had ever painted the picture for me quite that way before. Let God (back) into my life? That really started me thinking — how often do we get wrapped up in ourselves to notice we are operating without God in our lives? Afterwards, I got back in to my car and flipped on the radio. And the Madonna song with the very same title: “Open Your Heart” was playing on the radio. You can’t make this stuff up.

So I’m stopped at a traffic light and listening to the Madonna song on the radio, shaking my head and thinking about what Monsignor had just told me, “Open your heart.”

Even though the Madonna video is very naughty and inappropriate, I really started thinking about the lyrics. I thought, what if God is trying to speak to us? Suspend your belief for a moment and read these words with me:

I see you on the street and you walk on by (we need to attend mass regularly)
You make me wanna hang my head down and cry
If you gave me half a chance you’d see (if we let God into our lives)
My desire burning inside of me… (remember, God wants a closer relationship!)

But you choose to look the other way (because we are human and imperfect)

I’ve had to work much harder than this (Jesus died on the cross for us)
For something I want — don’t try to resist me!

Open your heart to me (as I was told in the Confessional)
I hold the lock — you hold the key (God is there, but you need to let Him into your life)
Open your heart to me,
I’ll give you love, if you turn the key (God is there, patiently waiting for us)

I think that you’re afraid to look in my eyes
You look a little sad boy, I wonder why (we all seek happiness and peace, but without God it may be difficult)
I follow you around but you can’t see (God is in all facets of our life, and we often cannot see that)
You’re too wrapped up in yourself to notice
So you choose to look the other way (how many times have I looked the other way instead of inviting God in?)

Well, I’ve got something to say
Don’t try to run I can keep up with you (You cannot out-run God!)
Nothing can stop me from trying! (God will never stop loving you, as imperfect as we are)

Can you picture God saying these words to us? I have sung these words over and over, and will never think of this song “Open Your Heart” in any other way. God sends all of us different messages, in different methods. It’s more important that we open your heart to let God into our lives and leave it all in God’s hands.

I am curious, is there a song you play in your head, that could be God singing to you?


  1. WOW this is beautiful, as well as powerful. Thank you for posting. I have so many songs that speak to me. What an awesome message for you. SE

  2. Sharon, thank you for the kind words. It’s a story I’ve carried with me now about 15+ years or so. I’m pretty certain this wasn’t the intention, when the song was written in the 1980’s. But I can’t seem to erase the vision of God speaking these words to each of us when I hear the song. Especially “I follow you around — but you can’t see, too wrapped up in yourself to notice.” Another reminder God is at work all around us, if we just open our eyes.

    Is there a favorite song you have heard, which makes you wonder if God (or an angel?) is speaking to you?