Parenting Realities: Children Will Put Other Parts of Life on Hold

Parents know that when they have children it will be an experience that could force them to change many aspects of their daily lives. This could include anything from their job, car, eating habits, sleep habits, and much more. Parents need to be willing and able to change their life to raise their child.

A recent post on Playground Dad titled, “Life Lessons at a Soccer Game”, was really a perfect example of this sacrifice. A dad who played soccer his whole life was also a pretty successful coach. He had to step down from his position because he realized he wanted and needed to spend more time at home with his young son. He gave up something that he loved because he knew it would better his son. He also has found that he does not regret his decision and is loving the extra time spent with his kids.

Has having children affected your life drastically? If yes, then how so?