Pray the Rosary, Don’t Just Say the Rosary

Praying the rosary is something that we should all be doing more often. A lot of people simply say the prayers though, and this is not the purpose of the rosary. You should feel something deeper than just the words coming out of your mouth. The words should resonate inside of you and make you feel something more. I read a post with tips to help you pray not just say the rosary and I thought it was really awesome.

Some of the tips on this post included one claiming less is more. What they mean is that instead of rushing your way through the entire rosary, it would be a lot better to say only a decade or two and make it more thoughtful. They also suggest saying each prayer more slowly and clearly, as if you were speaking to God rather than blurting out the words. There are a lot more tips in this post, and if you need some more reasons to make praying the rosary more of a habit then I suggest reading them.


  1. not necessarily disagreeing but it’s not about “feeling something.” Often the most meritorious religious acts are those that we do when we least want to do so during spiritual dry periods, and it feels like recitation. This is one of the few things Kant got right — the highest moral act is the one we least want to do, but do it anyways.

    and the 15 promises of the Rosary are available to us if we say the ENTIRE Rosary, EVERY day. So I would say always say the entire Rosary, not just parts

    • Justin,
      I appreciate the comment and I do not disagree with what you had to say. All of your points definitely make sense. I suppose everybody just needs to say the rosary in whatever way works best for them.