Preach the Gospel at All Times and When Necessary Use Words

“Preach always. If necessary, use words”. These are wise words that should give you some sort of indication of how to live your life. There are some situations where words will just not do, and setting a good example will. If you live your life as a constant reminder of your faith, you will inspire others and people will love being around you.

I recently read a blog post by Elizabeth Esther which you can read here. The post’s title was the quote that begins the paragraph above this one. In her post she talks about how badly she has wanted her husband to understand the Catholic Church for a long time. He never seemed to come around though, and this bothered her to the point of argument with him. Her local priest told Elizabeth she should stop talking about the Church. So she did, and recently her husband has expressed an interest in joining the Catholic Church. She was thrilled with the news! It was inspiring to read this story, and it is a perfect example of not using words but still preaching. Elizabeth’s faith and actions in her life made her husband want to become a Catholic.