Providing Our Kids with Healthy Play

This post is inspired by a blog entry at Moomy Musings titled, “The Joy of Learning Through Play.”

While play is generally synonymous to fun, it actually offers more amusement and recreatioin to kids. When we allow and encourage our children to play, we are also giving them a chance to develop their imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities and social skills. Providing our kids with healthy play time is something all parents should strive for.

However, in this digital age, it is becoming more and more difficult for kids to have healthy playtime. Kids are playing less as more emphasis is being placed on academics (even among preschools) and if they do play, they spend more time on digital toys (video games, tablets, computers, etc.).

As parents, we must acknowledge the importance of play and know how to promote healthy and valuable playtime. As a basic principle, we must provide our kids a wide variety of play experiences and materials through which they can make use of all their faculties–physical, mental, emotional and social. Providing our kids with healthy play is a good way to help them develop into physically and mentally strong adults.