Seeking God’s Heart

There is no doubt that all Christians seek the Lord. We all want to have a close, personal relationship with him, and have his presence in our lives all the time. We seek God’s hand, we seek his face, but not many of us seek God’s heart. How can I say that? Well, most of us pray and constantly yearn for the Lord’s guidance, protection, and his miracles. All these are efforts to seek God’s hand. We look at our surroundings, go to church, and visit Holy relics all in an effort to see a glimpse of God’s face–to seek God’s face.

But how many of us actually take the time to seek God’s heart? How many of us take the time to discover what God values and try to love what he loves? How many of us read his Holy Bible and learn the virtues Jesus taught?

Please do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with seeking God’s hand and face. In fact, they are all vital to our Christian journey. However, we should not forget to seek the heart of God. For if we have God’s heart, then we will most naturally do what God wants, without being told, because rooted deep within us are virtues and principles freely aligned to God’s.

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