The 12 Days of Christmas: What They Really Stand For

Since yesterday was Christmas you can safely assume you will not be hearing much more Christmas music for a while now. A lot of us are probably ready for that since it seems like every year I hear these songs earlier and earlier in November. I read today about the history behind the 12 days of Christmas. The post explains that the song that we all hear around Christmas every year has a very different meaning than most of us probably think. The Twelve Days of Christmas do not start on December 12th or 13th. In fact they start on Christmas day and go into January. Each of the days has a meaning too.

I thought this was pretty wild considering I always thought the song was just a weird Christmas tune I heard a few times a year. In reality, this song can be tied into Catholic beliefs. The partridge mentioned on the first day of Christmas represents the birth of Christ. Jesus gave his life to save us, just like a mother partridge is known to do for her young. Every day continues to build on more beliefs that you probably wouldn’t expect! I thought that was pretty cool to find out and wanted to share it with all of you.