Actions Really Will Always Speak Louder Than Words

Spreading the word of God is something that all Catholics should strive to do in their lifetime. Sharing the happiness and grace of God’s word should be something that brings you great joy. I know I struggle to find ways to do this as often as I’d like to though. Nobody wants to be outwardly pushy about their faith, mostly because of how much that is frowned upon in American culture these days. I read a post recently that made me look at this in a different light though.

The post is called “What is Catholicism?”, and it talked a bit about how a wife influenced her husband to convert to Catholicism. It took her until he was 76 years old! That is a really long time, but apparently she never so much as spoke about it to him. She led such a good life that her husband was convinced by her actions alone that Catholicism was the right choice. I thought this was so powerful, and in line with the old saying “actions speak louder than words”. Sometimes that seems like an old cliched saying, but in this case I felt it couldn’t be more true. So be mindful of your actions, they might be having an effect on somebody!