The Best Catholic Articles This Week – December 21

As you all know I read a lot of articles every week. I’m pretty active in either mentioning articles I read, or personally commenting on them if I feel compelled to do so. I wanted to share with you the best posts that I found this week.

Three Priests Talk About Spiritual Direction – This post was featured on a site called Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction. In the post three different priests give advice to Catholics about how to find a spiritual director who can guide you. It also talks about what a spiritual director is and why you would need one.

Tips to Help You Pray Not Just Say the Rosary – I can’t say enough about this post, the title drew me in and the article did not disappoint. This article gives you ten tips about how you can become more spiritually in tune when you are praying the rosary. So many people rush through an important action like praying the rosary. It shouldn’t be about speeding through, it should be about feeling spiritually engaged.

Speaking With an Angel Requires Faith, Humility, and Trust – This post goes through biblical instances in which an angel visited a human. The post talks about Mary, Joseph, and Zechariah and their experiences in depth. The post ties together the need that they all had for the qualities of faith, humility, and trust and the need that we all have for those qualities in every day life.

5 Ways to Watch the Hobbit Like a Catholic – I let my nerdy side make this choice for me. I am a huge Tolkien fan and this article points out some interesting facts. It points out a lot of Christian lessons that can be learned from Tolkien’s the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.

Catholic Dads and the Domestic Church – This article was really well done and asked Catholic dads everywhere to become more influence in their family’s spiritual endeavors. The author calls dads to be better role models for their kids and more engaging overall where religion is concerned.

All of these articles are, in my opinion, spectacular and amongst the best of the week! Make sure to check them out and leave comments for all of the hard working authors.