Enjoy Your Children’s Birthdays

When you were a child you probably looked forward to birthdays so much. Cake, friends, and presents are a great thing. Most of all children like to become a year older because it typically means they are allowed to do more. This means going to friends houses for longer, staying up later, and maybe being allowed to play in sports leagues. These are all exciting things! For parents, birthdays are less of a fun event, and more of a reminder. Birthdays remind you that you have become a year older, and as an adult that’s not really that cool. I have a suggestion though, stop focusing on your own birthday and get excited for your child’s birthday. Experience the joy that they feel on their special day each year, and be happy when they are happy. You can also use a child’s birthday to think back on the year that has occurred. In most instances this will make you feel really proud of your child and yourself for maturing as the child and the parent respectively.

I thought of this idea while reading a post about what a birthday means on Domestic Dork. Her take on how she has felt on each of her daughter’s birthdays so far made me want to write this post.