Catholic Dads: How to Be a Positive Spiritual Role Model

I read a post on Catholic Mom recently that I found to be inspiring. It was by a Catholic Dad named Eric Neubauer, and the post was about “Catholic Dads and the Domestic Church”. The post was inspiring to me because Eric was calling dads everywhere to action. He wants them to be more involved with their children’s faith, mainly in the development of it.

There were some tips given in the article that I thought were good advice. Overall, attending Mass more regularly and participating actively when you do was the theme. Setting this example for your children makes you a positive spiritual role model, which is something many dads are not doing anymore. Also he suggested being more attentive at home, this means less time in front of screens and more time spent with your loved ones. I think we could all stand to take something away from Eric’s post, so check it out.