Making Children Enjoy Chores

Aside from getting some much needed help around the house, giving our kids chores also helps with their personal development. When we let kids do chores, we are instilling in them a sense of responsibility and work ethic. We are also giving them a chance to feel that they are contributing something to the family. The problem is, not all kids are enthusiastic to take part in household chores. So what do you do? One mother shares her thoughts on this matter in this wonderful post, “How To Motivate Children To Clean Their Rooms.”

One personal tip that I can give on how to makes chores feel a little less like, well, less of a chore for your kids is to make sure that you give them the appropriate tasks for their age. Kids will less likely do certain things if they feel overwhelmed by them. There are a lot of guides out there on which chores are perfect for every age group, it is best that you check them out before you start with your plan to involve kids with the chores at home.

Teach Your Kids How to Do Easy Tasks to Help at Home

A parent has a ton of responsibilities. This isn’t something I thought you all needed to know. It’s basically a given, but it was the proper place to start this post. Parents have a lot to do in a day, and sometimes wish they had more help. As your children get older, it is definitely okay to delegate smaller tasks to them as you see appropriate. Take out the trash on Mondays, set the table for dinner, etc. you get the picture. Kids are capable of doing smaller things like this that can make your life a little bit easier. A word to the wise though, if you are going to have your kids do any king of task that could present even the slightest danger to them; make sure that you teach them how to do it.

The last tidbit of parenting information shared above comes from a story I read recently. The post was titled, “When the Kids Scream Fire”, and was about a dad who asked his kids to take a tray out of the oven for him while he was busy. Seems like a simple enough task for an older child to handle, but somehow an oven mitt caught on fire. These are things you have to watch out for as a parent. Make sure that you teach your children how to do easy tasks before asking them to act on their own. Just in case you were wondering, the father and all his children are safe from the story. I encourage you to check it out though, it is pretty interesting.

Parenting Tip: How to Get Your Kids Excited to Do Chores

Nobody likes to do chores. This is a given, and as parents we know how hard it is to convince a child they need to do chores. Thinking of a fun way to get your child excited to do daily tasks is a good idea. Some sort of rewards system could be a great idea. Nothing huge, maybe working out a system where if their chores are done for the day they can play a video game for a half hour or hour. Everybody likes having an incentive to do work.

I read an idea on Mocha Momma about motivating children to do chores, and I thought her idea was just fantastic! She makes little personalized to do clips at her house and hangs them in the kitchen. When a task is completed you move the clip from the “To-Do” side to the “Done” side. It makes doing a task a little more fun, and teaches accountability to your kids.

How do you get your children excited to do chores?

Parenting Tip: The Benefits of Organizing Your Family

As a parent most of your day likely consists of 8 or so hours of work. This leaves you with limited time to do important things like feeding your kids, cleaning the house, exercising, and having a little relaxation time. This is why it is crucial to keep your family organized. If your family is organized and working as a team, much more will be accomplished and daily life will be a lot easier. If your children are old enough to take on some responsibility you can delegate some simple tasks to them. If your children can do their own laundry it could potentially save you a really nice amount of time. Also it teaches them responsibility because if they don’t have their favorite shirt to wear to school, it is their own fault for not cleaning it. Laundry is a big deal, but even simple stuff like putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink can make a difference.

A post “3 Tips for Balancing Family and Work” gave me the idea for this post. They talked about ways to make your family more organized. They suggested a weekly family meeting where you create a schedule for the week. I thought that idea could be really useful too.