Understanding The Importance of Good Parent-Teacher Relationship

A post titled, “The Words Every Parent Dreads: “We Need To Have A Chat About Your Child,” peaked my interest this morning. Although my kids are not yet attending formal school, I found the article really helpful.

A lot of parents today do not fully grasp the type of relationship they need to build with teachers in order to provide the best educational outcome for their children. Most parents do not give enough time to form close connections with the people at school who play a role in educating their children. This happens because they are too busy or they feel that it is not necessary to go to such lengths.

However as a parent, I personally think that kids will thrive more in school if everyone who is involved in their learning and development maintains good communication with each other. This way there is continuity and consistency in the lessons delivered, acknowledgement of accomplishments, and proper and prompt problem management.

Parenting Tip: Keep Communicating with Your Child as They Grow

I recently read an article about the importance of being current. When I first read the article’s title, I wasn’t completely sure what it meant. The main idea dawned pretty quickly on me though and I found it to be a valuable bit of advice. The author talks about remaining current in the sense that between parents and children, there shouldn’t be things that go unsaid. This means forgiveness, sharing your beliefs, telling them your dreams, and listening when they do the same. These factors are all a part of “being current” as the post calls it.

As a parent, it is really important to work hard to keep a strong relationship with your kids. When they are younger it is typically easier, but as they grow older that could change. Just keep communicating with them and try to remain as involved as possible with their day to day life.

Parenting as a Team: Teamwork and Consistency are Key

It is critical as a parent to remain firm in your beliefs. You and your spouse should get together when a new situation arises, and decide how you will handle it as a team. If you are both consistent with your parenting techniques then there will be fewer issues at home. A lot of problems arise when parents are not on the same page. If you both say the same thing then if will be easier for your child to accept and will create less issues. Parenting is not for weak individuals and to be successful you will both have to learn to deny your child what they want sometimes. This also ties into consistency and being a team. Make a combined decision and stick to it, that means both of you! If one of you becomes the soft parent who always gives in when your child starts crying or throws a tantrum, it can ruin the dynamic of your parenting team.

An article titled, “Parenting a United Approach” gave me the idea for this post. It talked about a lot of the concepts I did, and made me think about the teamwork dynamic that is desperately needed in a good parenting relationship.

Communication in the Home: An Important Family Topic

A big problem that can affect any family is communication difficulties. Whether it is parent to parent communication, parent to child communication, or child to parent communication if there is something hindering the effectiveness of communication abilities it will be problematic. There are a plethora of different reasons why communication might be a difficulty in any household. If there seems to be a road block in communication at your house, it should be addressed. It is important to not become hostile and offensive, but to still speak your mind.

A recent article from The Informed Parent addressed the topic of effective communication with your teen. The post gives advice about how to communicate better with a teenager, and I thought it was full of useful information. Teens are by far the most difficult age group to communicate with as a parent. If you have been having trouble at your home communicating with your teen I highly suggest their post.

Does your family have a method for keeping communication open at home?

Parenting Tip: How to Communicate Clearly and Effectively with Teens

As a parent, communication with your child is key. It starts early on in life when they first begin to speak and grows into a relationship as they mature. Many parents find difficulties communicating with their children when they reach the teen years. Kids start to want more independence and parents may not approve of their choices or actions.

The Informed Parent recently posted about “Effective Communication with Your Teen”. In their post they outline ways for parents with teens to communicate better. It can be really difficult to communicate with your teen without it turning into a controversial argument. These tips may be able to help you out a lot.

How do you communicate with your teen? What is your technique to diffuse a controversial situation when it arises?