Parenting With Confidence is Crucial

There is no shortage of parenting advice today. As a matter of fact, when you really look at it there is an overabundance of advice for moms and dads out there. Everybody seems to have an opinion on how parents should raise their child these days–from your relatives, friends, to professionals, and strangers at random places. While some of these nuggets of wisdom are helpful, being bombarded by an overwhelming amount of parenting advice can often lead a parent to feel anxious, confused, and doubtful of his/her capabilities.

If you are feeling this way right now it may be time to let go of all the parenting tips that you have allowed to fill your mind. A confident parent is the best parent. So try forgetting what others think is right and best and believe in following your gut instinct. After all you are raising your own child, and no one could possibly know your kid better than you do. So trust that instinct and do what you think is best with conviction and confidence.

As one fellow blogging mother says in her post Enough with the Finger Pointing, Let Me Love My Kids!, “Love your child the way they need it, and no one knows that better than you. Ignore the watching eyes and don’t feel bad when you leave someone behind. It gives you a lasting memory and another chance to tell them how much they mean to you.”

Let us not allow our own sense of protection, justice, and connection to our children to be lost in the noise of what everyone else says & thinks. Be confident in how you raise your kids. Remember that the more confident you feel about your ability to parent, the more likely it is for you to make the best decisions and enjoy the journey that is parenting.

Showcasing Your Child’s Art: Displaying Their Work Promotes Confidence

Do you remember the feeling you used to get as a kid when you brought home an art project and your parents displayed it? Pure joy basically sums it up for me. It made me feel appreciated and accomplished. Keep this in mind when your children bring home different projects they have made at school. Making a designated area at your house or office for your child’s projects can make them so happy.

A recent post on Boy Mama Teacher Mama titled “Displaying Children’s Work” talks about ways to make a space for displaying your child’s work. If you are pressed for space or worried about using tape on your walls their tips can help you!

Where do you have a spot to showcase your child’s art or projects at home?

Crucial Parenting Concept: Helping Your Child Gain Confidence

One of the most important things a parent can do for their child is to help them feel comfortable in their own skin. To focus in on that a little bit more I mean that helping a child gain confidence in who they are as a person is a critical thing that parents must do for their kids.

A post titled, “Comforting the Emotionally Challenged Child”, opened my eyes to this point. The post written by Heidi Hess Saxton tells a personal story of how she realized this same critical parenting concept. Check out her post at Catholic Mom!