Baby Steps: Remember to Baby Proof Your Home

New parents are often unprepared for the things their child will do. For instance the first time a child learns to move on their own can be a really exciting event. Parents are typically happy and proud at moments like the first time their baby crawls. Things might be forgotten though like is there a gate in front of the staircase or are there covers over all the electrical outlets.

A blog called Tim and Olive recently posted about their baby and how she recently began crawling. They were not ready for their child’s free movements around the house and had to make some quick adjustments. The post I read, “Dear Baby, Please Don’t Walk Yet” was really great. They blogged about how quickly their baby’s crawling changed their lives, and wondered how much more drastic the change will be when she is walking. Many parents are excited for their children to learn how to walk, but maybe they shouldn’t be! It certainly makes things a lot easier to control.

What are some of the most important things to baby proof when your child is learning to walk/crawl?