The Best Tool For Sharing Christ With The Youth

The World Youth Day celebration in Brazil was a huge success! Thanks to the millions of enthusiastic young faithfuls who made the effort to make the pilgrimage to Rio. The Pope gave strong and uplifting messages all throughout his trip in Rio, but I would like to give emphasis to what he said about how we can best evangelize to young people.

During the culmination mass of the World Youth Day, the Pope said, “Do you know what the best tool is for evangelizing the young? Another young person. This is the path to follow! It’s so simple really. The best tool for sharing Christ with the youth is other young people. 

As we all must know, the most effective way to lead a person to Christ is to reach them where they are and communicate with them in a way they can relate to. Who could possibly communicate and relate better to young people than their fellow youths? So if you are wondering why your parish is not drawing a lot of young people in, you might want to look into this counsel by our Pope. The best tool for sharing Christ with the youth is by having other young people talk with them. One dedicated Catholic teen can turn friends into faithful Catholics quickly.

Sharing the Gospel in This Modern World

I read a post this morning called “Mother Angelica’s Role in My Reversion to Catholicism.” It’s an inspiring story of a man who found his way back to the Lord with the help of the Catholic television show, EWTN. Reading the story did not only make me feel joyous, but also caused me to think about how the Gospel of Christ is being shared in this modern world.

Unlike the early followers of Christ who had to walk on foot across deserts or sail across dangerous oceans just to share the love and grace of Jesus, modern-day Christians are blessed with technology and methods that can make gospel-sharing easier and more far-reaching. How many of us are actually doing our part in spreading the good news of salvation? How many of us are actually obeying the command of Jesus to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”?

Each of us is called to share the Gospel, first of all through our lives and secondly by talking about it to others. With the technology in our hands, we can easily spread the love of Jesus to others.

Remember that we will only be going home until all the world has heard of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14) Don’t you want to go home?

Giving Credit To Jesus for Your Triumphs

This morning God sent me a very wonderful reminder. I received this reminder through a great post called, “How Do I Find Peace?” I found myself totally relating to the writer’s sentiments–seeing my own inclination to miss opportunities to praise Jesus for everything I have and everything that I am.

There are many reasons to praise the Lord. The Bible repeatedly calls us to do it–“glorify God, and enjoy Him forever.” Through this post, I realized that one of the most important reasons we can have for praising God is because it has the power to help others know about his greatness. The simple act of giving Jesus the credit that he is due has the power to get others interested in knowing more about him–the power to transform lives.

May we all remember to praise God at all times.

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things: and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” Revelations 4:11

Bringing the Youth To Christ: Our Duty

There is a saying which goes, “The church is always one generation away from extinction.” I was reminded of this expression as I was reading a blog post this morning called, “Seeking the Lost: Young Life, Pope Francis and the “Villas of Misery.”

Despite all the things that are being said about the youth of today, it cannot be denied that they are the future of the Church–even the future of the world at large. For this very reason, I believe that all of members of the Catholic Church ought to seriously commit to strengthening the faith of our young people and bringing them closer to Christ. If our generation today does not give importance to the Church’s youth ministry, there may come a time when our church will cease to exist.

Yes ministering to the young people of today can be challenging, but it is a vital Christian duty that we need to fulfill. As we have been blessed with the gift of knowing Christ, we ought to give it back to the young ones who will come after us. We do this so they could also share the good news to those who will come after them when we are long gone.

Evangelism was never meant to be comfortable. Ever since the days of Jesus Christ, witnessing has always been a challenge. It is a fulfilling challenge though. May we all have the courage and the heart to pass on the truth to the young ones of today!

Pope Benedict Knows the Importance of Evangelizing Online

Yesterday was the feast day of Saint Frances de Sales. Saint Frances is known as the patron saint of writers, and that pertains to authors and people like me who simply blog on the Internet. Saint Frances’ feast day has also become associated with the Pope releasing his World Communications Day message. The Pope usually addresses some form of Evangelization in this message, and yesterday Pope Benedict XVI spoke about the Internet and social media. I thought this was so cool because it is specifically what I try to do. I think social media and blogs are some of the best tools we have to Evangelize with.

In his message the Pope touched on many points that you can read here. He acknowledged the great effort that many have already put into their social media efforts, and the commitment it takes to build online relationships and a following. Pope Benedict XVI also stated that unless the word of God is being spread on the Internet, it may not reach the large portion of the population who rely heavily on these tools. If you are a fellow blogger or just enjoy social media check out the entirety of what Pope Benedict XVI had to say.