5 Days Left!

Five days left till Christmas? But there’s so much left to do!  Uh-oh.  Well, don’t worry, we have solutions to all your Christmas quandaries.

Didn’t get those Christmas cards out in time? That’s ok, try an animated online one instead!  It’s free, and instantaneous, so that you have right up until December 25th to send it!  We love www.123greetings.com, but there are tons of sites out there.

Absolutely stumped over what to buy a loved one as a gift?  Well, online shipping let’s you order at your convenience, and almost all sites offer expedited shipping (and right now, time is of the essence!).  Jewelry is always a popular gift, and a meaningful aspect, like religious-themed jewelry or jewelry in their favorite color for instance, will add sentimental value.

Need a recipe for that Christmas party this week?  The wonderful contributors over at Faith & Family live have excellent and easy suggestions for cooking and baking, many of which are simple and quick.

Five days left, what are you waiting for?!