How to Maintain Family Time with Teens

An article from New York Times’ Motherlode got my attention today. It’s titled, “Know When to Hold ’Em: Making Family Time Work for Teens.” The article really struck a chord in me as losing our usual family time when my kids grow older is a thought that has been haunting me for the past month. Right now my kids are pretty much happy spending most of their time bonding with me and my husband, but the stories I have been hearing from my friends about their teens making family time difficult has gotten me really worried and sad.

Family time is important to me. And I want my entire family to value it as much as I do. But is that even possible? Is there anything I can do to make sure that my children grow up to treasure and even look forward to the times we spend together as a family? Sure, I know things have to change when they grow up because their world will grow bigger. I hope and pray that my children won’t be like those teens who resent scheduled family times.

Do you have any ideas to share? How do you maintain family time with your teenagers?