Understanding God of the Old Testament

In his book Is God a Moral Monster: Making Sense of the Old Testament God, Paul Coplan responds to attacks that God of the Old Testament is a “moral monster.”  Critics and atheists tend to point to the Old Testament’s seeming promotion of polygamy, slavery, and ethnic cleansing.  Yet Copan, president of the Evangelical Philosophical Society and author of nine other books, including When God Goes to Starbucks: A Guide to Everyday Apologetics, defends such passages and claims they are simply misinterpreted by those who criticize them.

For example, instead of viewing God’s commandment to kill the Canaanites as an ‘ethnic cleansing,’ Copan explains that it was “theologically and morally motivated via divine mandate to bring corporate capital punishment to a people whose religious practices encouraged incest, bestiality, adultery, and other deviant acts.”

The book also tackles such issues as jealousy, harsh punishments, kosher laws, and if/how religion coincides with violence.

More information on Is God a Moral Monster can be found here, in an article from the Christian Post.